Alicia Ito is a senior citizen living at Belleview.


Alicia is described as being short and fit with a pageboy haircut and polished nails.


Alicia Ito is described as the polar opposite of Stormy. She prefers plain and simple things and mostly keeps to herself. Unlike Stormy, she dwells on the past and often reminiscences about past events, especially ones involving her husband, Philipp.



In the beginning of P.S. I Still Love You, Stormy was Alicia Ito's arch-nemesis. Since they share different tastes and values, they often get into arguments. For example, Alicia decorated her scrapbook rather plainly, much to Stormy's distate, who wanted her to add more decorations to it. Alicia also added pictures of Japanese internment camps to the USO party decorations, which Stormy believed would only dampen the party's mood, while Alicia insisted that it would make the party's attendees aware of the suffering experienced by Japanese-Americans during WWII.


  • Alicia Ito and her husband Philipp once visited Niagara Falls.
  • Alicia Ito was one of the only attendees of Lara Jean's Scrapbooking Night.
  • Alicia Ito was one of the only Belleview residents to help decorate the USO party.


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