The Belleview is a residence for seniors in Charlottesville, Virginia.


All the resident's have their own small apartment in Belleview. It is also mentioned that it has a backyard, a ballroom and a lounge. It offers a computer course and, during the time Lara Jean worked there, a scrapbook course as well. It used to host cocktail lounges on every friday evening until P.S. I Still Love You.


  • Janette - the free time activity coordinator
  • Margot Covey - Margot used to work in Belleview for her college credits
  • Lara Jean Covey - Lara Jean works in Belleview for her college credits in P.S. I Still Love You and is in charge of the resident's free time activities, such as scrapbooking or cocktail evenings or parties
  • Shanice - a woman who works at Belleview
  • Two unnamed UVA students


  • Stormy - an elderly woman who had a very exciting life; also John Ambrose McClaren greatgrandmother
  • Alicia Ito - a resident who used to live in Belleview with her husband Phil, who died a year before P.S. I Still Love You
  • Mr. Morales - a man who likes to charm women and especially took a liking to Stormy
  • Danny - a resident who is mentioned to live in the azalea tract of the senior citizen's home
  • Mrs. Armbruster - a women in a wheelchair and with dementia who was friendly with Stormy
  • Mr. Perelli - a senior citizen at Belleview
  • Maude - a senior citizen that is new in Belleview in P.S. I Still Love You and is good with computers
  • Claudia - Maude's friend
  • Crystal Clemens - a woman living on the same floor as Stormy
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