Princess.Sophia.112 Princess.Sophia.112 26 February 2020

John Ambrose McLaren

Hello! So I was just thinking that the cast of TATBILB looked nothing like how I imagined, so....

Comment who you think should have played each part in the movies (please make them accurate to how they are described in the book!)

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Lmadrigal Lmadrigal 13 February 2020


Hi! My name is Livia. I am new here and hope to help improve this wiki.

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Morgen-Shealy Morgen-Shealy 29 December 2018


Ok so I just watched the movie so I am not as experienced as some on here but like.. who else wanted to see more about her mother? I mean I get the movie was about her but I guess the family could have been touched more besides just 'mom died'. I don't know but I loved it regardless. there are some parts where I wanted to scream and others when I wanted to cry and well I was confused at some parts. It was like heaven, my favorite books getting turned into movies! what?! I liked how it flowed nicely and its not just some dorky teen movie.!!

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