Chris is Genevieve's cousin and Lara Jean Covey's friend.


Chris is described as having blonde hair and blue eyes. During Always and Forever, Lara Jean, she dyes her hair lavender.


Chris is a very flirty and wild girl. She loves to go to parties and have fun with boys. She enjoys going on spontaneous road trips.


Lara Jean CoveyEdit

Lara Jean and Chris are best friends. They are practically inseparable. Lara Jean is the more sensible one and Chris is the wild one. In To All the Boys I've Loved Before, Lara Jean says that Chris is her oldest friend. Although Chris is Gen's cousin, she is always there to defend Lara Jean against Gen. You'd never know they were related because of their putrid hatred for each other.

Peter KavinskyEdit

Chris approves of Lara Jean's relationship with Peter. She believes that it has a positive effect on her and supports her since she believes Peter makes her happy. She seems to be on good terms with Peter, although they don't often interact with each other. She is however skeptical of how loyal Peter is to Lara Jean considering his past with Gen.

Margot CoveyEdit

Chris dislikes Margot and feels that she uptight.

Kitty CoveyEdit

Chris and Kitty get along, and Kitty looks up to Chris.


Chris and Genevieve don't really get along, despite being cousins. Chris usually thinks that Gen gets everything that she wants and that it's not fair. She hates it when Gen calls her"Chrissy".

John Ambrose McClarenEdit


  • Chris is the second character portrayed by a Canadian actor, the first being Kitty Covey.
  • She enjoys attending EDM concerts on school nights
  • She also has a fetish for Subway Sandwiches



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