Daniel Covey is Margot's, Lara Jean's, and Kitty's father.


To All the Boys I've Loved BeforeEdit

P.S. I Still Love YouEdit

As Valentine's Day approaches, Daniel begins talking with the Covey family neighbour Trina Rothschild. Kitty and Lara Jean both cite that he hasn't dated since their mother died, and Lara Jean believes the relationship to be strictly platonic. Kitty, however believes that there is a possibility for romance between the two. Kitty writes a Valentine's card to Trina on her father's behalf.

Daniel later invites Trina to lunch, and she forms a close relationship with the rest of the Covey family. Daniel and Trina are later seen walking Trina's dog whilst holding hands.


He has light skin, wavy grey hair, and blue eyes.


Daniel is described as a rather shy man with not many friends. He mostly spends his free time watching documentaries and cooking. It is also mentioned that he doesn't have any close friends.



Eve was Daniel's first wife but passed away after slipping and hitting her head.

After Eve's death, Daniel eventually decides to marry again and is now married to Trina.

Daniel is Margot's father. She is his oldest daughter of 3.

Daniel is Lara Jean's father. She's his second daughter of 3.

Daniel is Kitty's father. She's his youngest daughter of 3.


When Lara Jean decides to 'fake date' Peter Kavinsky, she brings him into her home and her dad heartily welcomes him.


  • Eve's and his song is Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton, the first song they ever slow-danced to.
  • Trina's and his song is From This Moment by Shania Twain.



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