Eve Song was Margot, Lara Jean, and Kitty Covey's mother and Daniel Covey's first wife.


Eve was wiping the floor when the phone started ringing. She then ran to pick up the call but slipped and fell, hitting her head. To recover from the fall, she then lied down. After a few hours, Margot got worried, called 911 and accompanied her to the hospital with Daniel Covey, while Lara Jean and Kitty were left at home, watching TV in their playroom. Eve was later pronounced dead.


Daniel CoveyEdit

Daniel Covey is Eve's husband.

In P.S. I Still Love You (film), Daniel shares the story of how he met Eve. In university, he was invited to a Thanksgiving party in the middle of March. He then found out that the party was hosted by Eve, who believed that it was unfair that the two best holidays of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas, were in such close proximity of each other. As a result, she decided to create "Fakesgiving", Thanksgiving in March, to spread out the feeling of the two holidays across the entire year.

Daniel piqued her interest since he, while everyone else brought homemade dishes and baked goods, brought a can of beans to the celebration. She made fun of him for it the entire evening, and he felt as though she actually had an issue with him until her friends told him that that's just how she flirts.

Margot CoveyEdit

Margot Covey is Eve's first-born daughter. She was also the one who realized that something was wrong with her mother after her accident and called an ambulance.

Lara Jean CoveyEdit

Lara Jean Covey is Eve's second-born daughter. She blames herself for not noticing that her mother was severely injured and imposing all of the responsibility on her older sister.

Kitty CoveyEdit

Kitty Covey is Eve's youngest daughter. Kitty never really got to know her mother since she was very young when Eve died. She also barely has any memories of her mother.


  • In P.S. I Still Love You, Daniel says that Eve liked balsamico on most foods.
  • Daniel's and her song is Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton, the first song they ever slow-danced to.


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