Genevieve is Peter Kavinsky's ex-girlfriend and a popular student at school.


To All the Boys I've Loved BeforeEdit

P.S. I Still Love YouEdit

With their relationship on the rocks, Lara Jean becomes increasingly jealous of Peter's relationship — and past relationships — with Gen, and fears that the two could be restarting their former relationship. It is eventually revealed, however that Gen's parents are divorcing and Peter has been platonically helping her understand and struggle through.


It is said in the book that Genevieve has blonde hair, a nose with a bump on it, and is endearing and very attractive.

In the movie, she has wavy copper blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She is Caucasian.


Genevieve is very manipulative but can be sickly sweet to others if needed. She likes to toy with people's emotions if it means getting her way and can be petty and vindictive. However, it is said that she used to be more kind and friendly up until her last year of middle school when Lara Jean kissed Peter in a game of spin-the-bottle and broke her trust. In the books, it's revealed she's actually an emotionally unstable person due to her father cheating on her mother with younger women and depends on Peter for emotional support.



Chris is Genevieve's cousin. They don't have a close relationship, Chris choosing Lara Jean's side over Gen's any day, and trying to distance herself from her cousin.

Love InterestsEdit

Peter Kavinsky is Genevieve's ex-boyfriend. She was very clingy and controlling and hypocritical, barely talking to him in person one minute and blowing up his phone with texts the next. They broke up at the beginning of To All the Boys I've Loved Before because of relationship conflicts. She and Peter are still friends throughout the series, much to Lara Jean's dismay.


Lara Jean used to be friends with Genevieve until they started high school. She loved Lara Jean and her family until she saw Peter kiss Lara in her friend's basement. In the movie, the same situation occurs when Lara Jean kisses Peter during a game of "Spin the Bottle". Genevieve thinking Lara kissed Peter knowing she liked him and, feeling like Lara Jean had broken her trust, she stopped being friends with her. Lara Jean currently dates Peter Kavinsky.

John and Genevieve were childhood friends. Gen used to believe Lara and John were meant to be together, just like her and Peter. Ironically, both of those couples didn't work out.



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