Josh Sanderson is a childhood friend and potential love interest of Lara Jean and the ex-boyfriend of Margot Covey.

Appearance Edit

Josh is described as having brown hair and green eyes. Although he is rather skinny, he is still strong. He has freckles and a dimple on his left cheek.


Josh is generally a nice, shy, and normal guy. He is respectful, kind, and car9ng and cares deeply for those he loves or loved, especially Margot Covey.


Margot CoveyEdit

Love InterestsEdit

Josh and Margot have known each other since they were little and also dated for 2 years. Having promised her mother not to go to college having a boyfriend, Margot breaks up with Josh. Josh, however, is sure that she broke up with him because they had sex and she didn't want to feel attached.

Josh and Lara Jean have been friends since their childhood. For years Lara Jean harbored a crush for Josh, which was unrequited since Josh was dating Margot, Lara Jean's older sister. In To All the Boys I've Loved Before, Margot breaks up with Josh and upon receiving Lara Jean's letter begins liking her as well. She, however, refuses to accept his feelings as she feels as if she would betray her sister and enters a fake relationship with Peter Kavinsky. Yet, this doesn't stop Josh from kissing her, making her realize that she, in fact, is in love with Peter now and has no feelings left for Josh. Though she stills cares about him as a person.


Josh and Kitty have a friendly relationship. She mentions how much she misses having him over for dinner and around the house after Margot breaks up with him.

Josh's relationship with Mr. Covey is described as being good. It is even stated that Mr. Covey sees Josh as "the son he never had" and enjoys his company as they share some of their interests, for example their love for comics and fishing.

Josh and Peter resent each other. Josh is confused as to why a shy and introverted girl like Lara Jean would date somebody like Peter, who is almost the exact opposite of her.


  • In the movie, you can see that his address is 9133 Jefferson Street, Greenpoint, OR 97708.[1]



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