Lucas Krapf is Lara Jean Covey's former crush and friend.


In the movie, Lucas has black hair and brown eyes and is of Afro-American descent. He also wears glasses in the flashbacks. In the book, he has been described to have features like an angel and has cerulean blue eyes.


As Lara Jean first talks to him about the letter, he waves of her apologies and explanations in a gentlemanly way. He then tells her he is flattered in a way, but that he is gay. A few people in the school assume this or already know, but he prefers to not outrightly tell them his sexuality, and just stays neutral about it. He is a good-natured and likable person, and is kind and caring and a friend you can lean on.


It is mentioned that he goes to Sarah Lawrence University after Always and Forever, Lara Jean.


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  • For unknown reasons, his name has been changed to Lucas James in the movie adaptation.
  • In one shot of the movie, you can see that his address is 2398 Laydon Avenue, North Falls, OR 97322.[1]



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