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Fine. I like cinnamon toast. That's my favorite thing.

—Peter Kavinsky, To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Peter Kavinsky is one of the main characters in the To All the Boys I've Loved Before book series and To All the Boys film trilogy. He is Lara Jean Covey's boyfriend. He is portrayed by Noah Centineo.


“Wait, I thought I was your dream guy,"

—Peter Kavinsky, Always and Forever, Lara Jean

Peter is described as somebody who is always confident and who makes other people enjoy his company. He is the stereotypical popular guy. He‘s sometimes nice and kind of thoughtful, and he tends to joke a lot, he is still serious when it comes to his relationships. Sometimes he, too, gets embarrassed or self-conscious. He is open-minded and spontaneous, making him constantly try new things like movies, Lara Jean, picks, or her baked goods. He is also described to be cocky, according to Lara Jean, he usually thinks people are naturally thinking of him and is said that he checks himself out every time he passes by a window. He doesn't want to be like his father when he grows up and is afraid that he will lose Lara Jean once they go to separate colleges, so much that he even considers is going to UNC instead of UVA, his first choice (Note: in the movie, Peter decides to go to Stanford University).

Physical Appearance[]

Peter Kavinsky is a man with dark hair, tan skin, and facial features.



Peter has a good relationship with his mother, mainly because she's the only person who's ever been a parent to him. He sometimes runs errands for her and helps out in her shop. He is also very protective of his mother and her reputation, not wanting anybody to see her badly.

Peter's father is divorced from his mother. It is mentioned that they used to have a very good relationship before the divorce and that his father even came to watch all of Peter's lacrosse games. After the divorce, Peter's father remarried and stopped caring about Peter and his brother Owen, since he now had children with his new wife that he had to take care of. He tries to get in touch with Peter again in Always and Forever, Lara Jean.

Owen Kavinsky is Peter's little brother. Although Owen can be annoying or rude, Peter still loves his brother. Owen also goes to Peter's lacrosse games sometimes, although it is shown that he isn't interested in them.


Lara Jean is Peter's girlfriend. Peter knew Lara Jean since middle school but never knew that she had liked him until at the beginning of To All the Boys I've Loved Before when Lara Jean's love letters get sent out. When their fake-relationship starts, they are nothing more than companions with their own separate goals - Lara Jean needs to suppress her feelings for Josh and make him stay away from her, while Peter wants Genevieve to get jealous and prove to her that he can get happy with a girl other than her. Unexpectedly, Peter falls for Lara Jean during the course of the first book and confesses to her, leading to them going out. In P.S. I Still Love You Peter mentions that he always liked Lara Jean a bit, which is the reason why he kissed her at John Ambrose McClaren's house in seventh grade. It is later revealed that Lara Jean was Peter's first kiss as well as him being hers.

In Always and Forever, Lara Jean Peter mentions the first time he saw her, during the first sixth-grade assembly. She was sitting in the row in front of him and he thought she was cute. Her hair was really long. The principal started picking random people to go on stage and play a game for prizes. Everybody was raising their hands, but her hair got caught in a chair and she was trying to untangle it, so she didn't get picked. He remembers thinking maybe he should help her, but then he thought it would be weird.

Genevieve is Peter's ex-girlfriend. At the beginning of To All the Boys I've Loved Before, they broke up due to relationship problems.


Peter is friends with Kitty Covey. He thinks that she's a clever young girl with a strong personality and even continues driving her to school after his temporary break-up with Lara Jean in P.S. I Still Love You. However, Kitty doesn't prefer Peter over Lara Jean, which shows when Peter gets mad at Lara Jean at the cake fair in the second book and Kitty takes her side instead of Peter's.

It is never clearly shown which relationship Margot and Peter have. In To All the Boys I've Loved Before, Margot says that she doesn't particularly like Peter and believes that he is not the right person for Lara Jean to be with. Nevertheless, it is implied that Margot gains trust in him during the end of book one and the course of P.S. I Still Love You and is impressed that he held his promise that the video of the ski-trip would be gone soon.

Peter has a good relationship with Daniel Covey. After the video from the ski trip was made public and Lara Jean's father found out about it, he did everything to get it down and not to upset her dad any further since he doesn't want to be seen badly by him and respects him. He also often says that Dr. Covey is a nice, good father unlike his own and that Lara Jean is lucky to have a father who is "not a dirtbag".

It is never clearly shown what kind of relationship Peter and Josh have, but it is implied that Peter dislikes Josh. Mostly because of the events of To All the Boys I've Loved Before, but also partly because he just doesn't seem to like Josh as a person.

There is not much interaction shown between Peter and Chris yet they seem to get along quite well.


  • His favorite restaurant is Biscuit Soul Food.
  • Lara Jean's and his song is Beginning, Middle, and End by Leah Nobel in the movies
  • According to Lara Jean, he has a very clean voice and is good at singing.
  • Peter used to be in the choir because there were so many girls in it.
  • He goes to UVA on a lacrosse scholarship after Always and Forever, Lara Jean, in the books, but in the movie he goes to Stanford University.
  • He once made up a girl named Angelina, which he supposedly met at Myrtle Beach with his cousins, and whom he kissed.[1]
  • Lara Jean was his first kiss.[2]
  • His yearbook quote was chosen by Lara Jean.
  • He enjoys science experiments with Kitty.
  • He claims that he doesn't like foreign films but secretly enjoys watching them.
  • His lacrosse jersey number is 15.
  • One of his favorite movies is "Fight Club".
  • His mother owns an antique store and he sometimes helps her out with it.



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