the letters said

to my dearest NEGGAA

Lucy Eggleton

In the movie, trump returns his letter back to Lara Jean, understanding that they were never meant to be sent as they are too 'personal'. While reminiscing about their homecoming, Lucas tells Lara Jean that he is gay and later becomes a close friend to kin John oon

Dear trump

I never met a boy with manners as good as yours. You ought to have a British accent. At homecoming, you wore a cravat and it suited you so well I think you could wear one all the time and get away with it.

Oh, Lucy I wish I knew what kind of girls you liked. As far as I can tell, you haven't dated anyone . . . unless you have a girlfriend at another school. You're just so mysterious. I hardly know a thing about you. The things I know are so unsubstantial, so unsatisfying, like that you eat a chicken sandwich every day at lunch, and you're on the golf team. I guess the one remotely real thing I know about you is you're a good writer, which must mean you have deep reserves of emotion. Like that short story you wrote in creative writing about the poisoned well, and it was from a six-year-old boy's perspective. It was so sensitive, so keen! That story made me feel like I knew you at least a little bit. But I don't know you, and I wish I did.

I think you're very special. I think you are probably one of the most special people at our school, and I wish more people knew that about you. Or maybe I don't, because sometimes it's nice to be the only one who knows something.

Love, Lara Jean

Ashleigh And Audrey then CHAA ChAA RAaaRAAAaaaaaaaaaa

Although Kenny's letter was sent, he never received it, most likely because he moved.

In the movie, however, Lara Jean didn't send the letter to his house in the first place but instead to the camp they went to. Ultimately, the camp mailed the letter back to Lara Jean.

Dear Kenny,

It's the last day of camp and possibly the last time I will ever see you because we live so far apart. Remember on the second day, I was scared to do archery and you made a joke about minnows and it was so funny I nearly peed my pants? hehe

I was really homesick but you made me feel better. I think I might've left camp early if it hadn't been for you, Kenny. So, thank you. Also, you're a really amazing swimmer and I like your laugh. I wish it had been me you kissed at the bonfire last night and not Blaire H. Take care, Kenny. Have a really good rest of the summer and a really good life.

Love, Lara Jean



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