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To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, or To All the Boys I've Loved Before 2, is an American teen drama-romance movie based on the novel of the same name by Jenny Han. The movie is a sequel to the popular To All the Boys I've Loved Before, and is directed by Michel Fimognari.

The movie was released to Netflix on February 12, 2020.


It's a new year and Lara Jean (Lana Condor) and Peter (Noah Centineo) are no longer pretending to be a couple. They ARE a couple. And, as Lara Jean navigates a trove of official firsts with Peter — her first real kiss, her first real date, her first Valentine's Day — she finds herself leaning more on Kitty and Margot (Anna Cathcart and Janel Parrish), Chris (Madeleine Arthur), and an unexpected new confidant, Stormy (Holland Taylor), to help her manage the complex emotions that come with this new chapter of balancing a relationship and figuring out her authentic self. But when John Ambrose (Jordan Fisher), another recipient of one of Lara Jean's old love letters, enters her life again she must rely on herself more than ever as she's confronted with her first real dilemma: Can she love two boys at the same time?

—Netflix Press Release[1]

Lara Jean is officially Peter’s girlfriend, so everything should be perfect, right? But feelings grow complicated when an old crush reenters her life.

—Official Netflix Synopsis


Lara Jean Covey is enjoying being in a relationship with Peter Kavinsky; she fantasizes about living in a romance-movie, before being interrupted by Kitty, who tells her that she is not in a movie. Nevertheless, Lara Jean believes her life to be a fairytale with Peter. Peter arrives moments later to pick Lara up for their date, and her father jokingly remarks that she must be home for eleven. Lara is anxious, as she reveals that her date with Peter is her first and that she has never been a girlfriend before. The date is successful, and Peter allows Lara Jean to drive them to a lantern set-off, despite his initial reluctance. Lara Jean tells Peter that she doesn’t want the relationship between the two to end, nor does she want the two to break one another’s hearts. The two kiss after the date and Lara Jean reveals that the date was perfect.

The following day, Kitty and Lara Jean dress up for Korean New Year, they talk on the phone with Margot. Whilst Kitty is reluctant to dress up — given the comments the outfits may attract — Lara Jean reminds her that it is what their father wants. Kitty and Lara Jean talk with Haven about Lara and Peter’s relationship, but she is not amused by the whole ordeal. Instead, she reveals that she saw a video of Peter and “some girl” having sex in a hot tub. Lara Jean corrects her, remarking that the girl was her and they were just making out. When they arrive home, Lara has received a letter from John. She is instantly alerted by the situation, having been under the impression that the letter had been lost in the mail. In the letter, John reminisces upon the times they spent together as children; she is bemused by the letter, but questions if John likes her now. She questions herself over whether it would be rude to respond or not, however eventually decides to casually respond. The letter takes multiple drafts, and she decides not to reply, but questions if she should alert Peter to the letter.

The following day at school, Lara Jean reminds Peter about the letters, including the recipients; one of which was John, from Model UN. She reveals that John replied to her letter, and Peter questions if John asked about him, however Lara replies that he didn’t. Peter questions if she wrote him back, and she replies that she didn’t, but is planning to. Peter and Lara Jean are conflicted at where they should volunteer, with Peter volunteering at Oakwood, whilst she wishes to sign up for Belleview. Peter tries to convince Lara Jean,but is unsuccessful, and the two sign up for different programm. Gen and Lara Jean clash when Gen is rude about Lara Jean’s weight, and her choice of Belleview. Lara Jean becomes jealous that Peter has already had all of his “firsts” with Gen, whilst Peter is her first. Lara Jean is left alone in the coffee shop when Peter does not arrive despite their plans. When he does arrive, however, he tells Lara hat the coach made them run until everyone was practically sick. To apologisz, Peter takes Lara Jean to the fair, telling her to call her dad and alert him that she will be home late.

Watching out the window, Kitty suggests that Daniel — their father — should date their neighbour, Mrs. Rothschild. Lara Jean reminds Kitty that their father hasn’t dated in years and the idea is stupid, howeve,r Kitty remarks that Lara Jean said the same when she suggested she date Peter. Mrs. Rothschild enters shortly after with Daniel to retrieve a phone number, and Daniel suggests sending the number through text; with this, Mrs. Rothschild and Daniel exchange numbers. Kitty is excited by the prospect of their father dating again, but Lara Jean believes the encounter means nothing.

Arriving for her volunteering at Belleview, Lara Jean introduces herself to Stormy, one of Margot’s favourite residents. Stormy questions how Margot is enjoying Scotlan, and Lara Jean reveas that she’s enjoying school. Lara Jean is reluctant to tour with Stormy, howeve,rit eventually allows her to show her around the retirement home. Lara Jean is surprised and confused when it is revealed that John is also volunteering at the retirement home, and she accidentally falls over. Lara asks John for the letter back, saying she wants to know what was in the letter, and he agrees to give her the letter on the condition that she returns the letter after reading. Later that night, she is conflicted over John, remarking that she is in love with Peter, but cannot get the conversation with John out of her mind.

Kitty and Lara Jean make valentines supplies. Kitty remarks that Lara is making something heartfelt, but will be disappointed if Peter doesn’t put in as much effort as she has. To change the subject, Lara Jean reveals that Kitty’s letter won’t make it to Margot in time, however Kitty reveals that the letter only has to make it across the street; Kitty has written a letter from their father to Mrs. Rothschild. Lara Jean expresses her opinion that this is a mistake, however ,Kitty refuses to accept the advice.

On Valentines Day, Lara Jean is alerted that Peter sent Gen a song every period; this excites Lara. She is disappointed, however, when she does not receive a song from him in their first period. Nevertheless, she walks through the halls with her presents for Peter, but witnesses a haul of love letters fall from his locker when he opens it. This causes her to put her present away, and Lucas tells her not to be put down by the “Kavinsky fan club”. At break time, Peter takes Lara Jean to the place they first kissed, the running track. He hands her a necklace with a heart symbol in the middle, and she hands him back his presents: a sausage roll and a handmade card. Peter begins reading Lara a poem about the moon, relating it to Lara, and she remarks that nobody has ever written her a poem before.

At dinner, Chris questions if Peter organised the a capella group for her, however Lara reveals that he got her something better, the necklace. Chris gives Lara some advice, remarking that she should know how to look after herself before anyone else. They are interrupted, however, by Trevor, who arrives with Chris a pink rose. Lara jokingly remarks if she is sure there is no other reason she wanted to eat in the wood hop.

At Belleview, John and Lara Jean are tasked with clearing out a room for the indoor garden-party. The two find a stash of love-letters from a soldier stationed in Italy, and Lara begins reading the letters but puts them away when she realises they are personal. Instead, John hands her the letter she wrote for him, and Lara leaves to be alone whilst she reads the letter. In the letter, it is revealed that Lara Jean confessed her love for John in the letter. Looking startled, Stormy invites her into her room for advice. Stormy believes the letter to be exciting, but Lara is conflicted over the promise she made with Peter not to break each other’s hearts. When Lara recites the poem Peter wrote to her, Stormy reveals that Peter didn’t write the poem, but it was actually written by Edgar Allan Poe.

At a party later, Lucas and Lara Jean talk. Lara Jean tells Lucas that she needs a break from being somebody’s girlfriend, and keeps questioning what Peter has done with other girls. Furthermore, she asks Lucas if he remembers John, and that she doesn’t overthink when she is with John. Lucas tells Lara Jean that she is lucky, as there are limited options for him, whilst Lara Jean has multiple options. Realising that Lara Jean isn’t into the party, Peter texts Lara, asking if she wants to leave the party; she replies that she does and the two begin leaving. They bump into Trevor and Chris on the way out, and Peter tells the two that he didn’t know they were friends. They both pretend like they’re not friends or romantically involved. Lara Jean questions Peter over the poem, and Peter replies that he never said he wrote the poem, but what is said in the poem still matches their situation. The two begin making out, and Lara Jean questions how he is so good at it, and she realizes that he may have experience with Gen. Lara Jean tells Peter to stop, revealing that she doesn’t want to have sex with him. She further questions if Peter is missing sex — particularly with Gen — however, he replies that he isn’t.

At Belleview, John and Lara Jean run a bingo game for the elderly residents. Josh reminds Lara Jean that she has not returned the letter, but Lara Jean tells him that she has no plans to return the letter due to embarrassment. John reveals that the majority of his school life has been embarrassing, given girls would pretend to like him to get closer with Peter. The two decide they’re lame for spending their time at Belleview, but the game ends shortly after as one of the residents wins. After the game, Lara Jean tells John that Peter said hello, and Josh questions if Peter is still the same as he was before; Josh questions if he and Gen are still together, howev,er Lara reveals that they aren’t, but isn’t given enough time to reveal she and Peter are together. Lara Jean suggests bringing back the ball for the residents instead of bingo being the only option. Lara Jean attempts to tell John that she and Peter are together, howeveshe r decides against the idea and tells John that they’re tearing their childhood treehouse down, therefore should dig up their time capsule.

The following day, Lara Jean suggests digging the capsule up with Peter. He questions who will be there and Lara Jean tells him that John is among those who will be there. Peter questions if this is because she wrote him back, however she reveals that the two are volunteering together at Belleview. Peter finds this difficult to comprehend, asking if Lara Jean asked him to volunteer with her, however she reveals that she didn’t write him back. He agrees to dig up the capsule.

At the treehouse, John arrives with the pizza, Lara Jean brings her famous cupcakes and Peter arrives with Trevor; they all catch up, but are confused when Gen appears, remarking that everyone forgot to invite her. John makes the situation awkward when he references “Gen and Peter”. Chris arrives shortly after, and they begin digging up the capsule. They open the time capsule, and everyone talks about what they put into the capsule. When everyone leaves, John and Peter clash over who will help to clean up, and Peter references Lara Jean being his girlfriend; this shocks John, who abruptly leaves. Peter believes Lara Jean not telling John is her way of keeping her options open, and the two get into a heated discussion on what the two expect from one another.

At Belleview, Lara Jean apologises for not telling John about her relationship with Peter. John tells her that it’s fine, he is just a little embarrassed about the whole situation. John reveals that everyone calls him “John Ambrose” because of her; a testament to both of them being called by their first and middle names.

At the store, Lara Jean and Daniel bump into Mrs. Rothschild. Daniel invites her to early Thanksgiving — a tradition in the Covey household — and she accepts despite being reluctant at first. Lara Jean reveals that the valentine card from Daniel came from Kitty, however it is clear that she was already aware. At dinner, Daniel explains why the family havstwo Thanksgivings, including the story with Lara Jane’s mother, Eve.

The following day at the game, Lara dresses up like the other girlfriends to impress Peter. She anxiously waits for him to come onto the field, however is pulled away by Chris, who reveals that she saw Peter and Gen together,and that they seemed “close”. She shows Lara a photograph of the two holding one another. When Peter arrives at the game, Lara confronts Peter about the meeting, and Peter tells her that Gen’s family aisgoing through a tough time at the moment and Gen needed someone to talk to. Lara Jean believes Gen is trying to show everyone that when she calls, Peter comes running. Peter accidentally reveals that he was aware Gen took the video, despite initially denying it. Lara Jean questions how Gen knew they’d be in the hot tub, and she finally figures out that Peter was waiting for Gen at the hot tub, not her. Peter justifies that they weren't together at the time. Peter reminds Lara Jean that they both promised not to break each other’s hearts, and Lara Jean tells him that they both made promises they couldn’t keep.

The following day at school, Lara Jean seems numb and is startled when she is reminded about their trip to the aquarium, and that they are buddied up — in particular, she is buddied with Peter. The two ignore each other initially, however the two eventually talk, and Lara Jean asks if Peter would like the necklace back. Peter agrees that he’d like it back, although the situation is awkward as Lara Jean cannot remove the necklace herself and must rely on Peter’s help.

Lara Jean messages Gen and asks if they can meet at the treehouse. The two do, and Lara Jean reveals that a part of the reason she and Peter broke up is because she was convinced he would never get over Gen, but then she rezlised that she was the only one who could not get over Gen. Lara Jean references the friendship bracelet she put into the time capsule, and Gen tells her that Peter is crazy about Lara, whilst she and Peter are just friends. Gen reveals that she hid the friendship bracelet in the treehouse, as she didn’t want Lara Jean to know they both put the same thing into the capsule.

Lara Jean receives a message from John later that night, and the two talk about the star ball that is to occur the following night at Belleview.

That night, Lara Jean visits Stormy’s room before the ball, but reveals that she isn’t dressing up as she is just a volunteer. Despite this, Stormy reveals that she has gotten Lara Jean a dress to wear and, despite her initial reluctance, she decides to go to the ball dressed up. Lara Jean and John dance during the ball as requested by the residents. Whilst they’re dancing, John reveals that he wanted to ask her to their sixth-grade dance, and even arranged the question outside of her house, but was too nervous to ask. John apologzses for telling her, as he knows she is with Peter, however she falls silent and he realzses that she is no longer with Peter. The two leave the ball to get some air, and it is snowing outside. The two begin a snow fight, which eventually turns into making snow angels on the ground before kissing. Lara Jean realzses that she has made a mistake and pulls away from the kiss. When she returns inside, she talks with Stormy about the kiss, revealing that she wanted John to be someone else during the kiss. Lara Jean fears that it is too late, but Stormy encourages her to unbreak the situation; she advises that if Peter doesn’t want her, it’ll hurt like hell.

Lara Jean leaves the ball to talk with Peter, but runs into him at the entrance. He tells her that he remembers she doesn’t like driving in the snow, but that she’s breaking his heart. He tells her that she can break his heart, but he’ll still love her, and the two kiss. Lara Jane’s voice over tells the audience that she initially wanted a promise that the two would never hurt each other, however eventually realised that such promise does not exist; to have it all, she must risk it all.

Cast and Characters[]

Main Cast[]

Supporting Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Jayden Chow as Haven's twin brother #1
  • Ryan Zhang as Haven's twin brother #2
  • Susie Lee as Eve Song
  • Ae Yon Han as Lara Jean's grandmother
  • Linda Ko as Aunt Carrie
  • James Li as Uncle Victor
  • Maddie Ziegler as Pep Squad Girl
  • Peter Grasso as Maitre D'
  • Jaycie Dotin as Waiter #1
  • Alessandro Miro as Waiter #2
  • Jara Zeimer as OMG Girl
  • Anisha Cheema as a girlfriend on Valentine's day
  • Naiah Cummins as Calc Teacher
  • Nicole Jang as member of the acapella group
  • Tuan Nguyen as member of the acapella group
  • Joseph Lachowicz as member of the acapella group
  • Umaiyahl Nageswaran as member of the acapella group
  • Cole Bunch as member of the acapella group
  • Adee Fletcher as member of the acapella group
  • Molly Grace as a crying girl
  • Jerry Yang as Nathan
  • Byron Noble as Mr. Bezdek
  • Seth Ranaweera as Produce Clerk
  • Gary Hetherington as Arthur
  • Elan Ross Gibson as Hilda
  • Cindy Piper as Patty
  • Irene Reynolds as Mrs. Glick
  • Winslow Holmes as Albacar
  • James Hibbard as Bud
  • Maggie Sullivun as Daisy
  • William Samples as Bert
  • Colin Foo as Morty
  • Tyler Alderman as a red-haired boy
  • Jasmine Lukuku as the mail carrier
  • Michael Delleva as a teenage boy
  • Claire Margaret Corlettas a teenage girl
  • Mateo d'Amato as [voice] (uncredited)
  • June B. Wilde as Joan (uncredited)


In August 2018, Jenny Han, author of the source novel, said of a film sequel to To All the Boys I've Loved Before, which would adapt Han's second book in the series, P.S. I Still Love You. In November 2018, it was reported that Netflix and Paramount Pictures' Awesomeness Films were in discussions to produce a sequel, and Netflix announced the development of a sequel featuring Condor and Centineo in December 2018. In March 2019, it was reported that Michael Fimognari, cinematographer on the first film, would make his feature film directorial debut with the sequel, taking over from the original film's director Susan Johnson, who would stay on to executive produce. It was also announced that Parrish, Cathcart and Corbett would return to co-star.

The sequel has also cast Jordan Fisher as John Ambrose McClaren, a past love of Lara Jean's, and Ross Butler as Trevor Pike, one of Peter's best friends. Madeleine Arthur will reprise her role as Chris, while Holland Taylor and Sarayu Blue have joined the cast as Stormy McClaren and Trina Rothschild respectively.






  • This is the second movie franchise where Anna Cathcart and Linda Ko have played relatives. In the Descendants Trilogy Anna Cathcart played Dizzy Tremaine and Linda Ko played Dizzy's Grandmother Lady Tremaine. In this movie Anna Cathcart plays Kitty Covey and Linda Ko plays Kitty's Aunt Carrie.