Trina Rothschild is the Covey's neighbor and later becomes Daniel Covey's second wife.


Mahogany colored hair and is known to be very pretty.


Trina is rather clumsy and therefore often spills her coffee when hurrying to one of her free-time activities.


Daniel CoveyEdit

Daniel is Trina's second husband.

Kitty CoveyEdit

Kitty is Trina's step-daughter. It is said that they get along well and that Trina even helps her training her dog, Jamie. Kitty is also the person who properly introduced Trina to her father Daniel. Kitty looks up to Trina as a mother figure, not knowing her real mother all too well.

Lara Jean CoveyEdit

Lara Jean is Trina's step-daughter. Trina gifts her Mother's tea set for a graduation present.

Margot CoveyEdit

Margot is Trina's step-daughter. At first, they did not get along well.

Peter KavinskyEdit

Peter is Trina's step-daughter's (Lara Jean's) boyfriend.


  • Daniel's and her song is From This Moment by Shania Twain.
  • She goes to SoulCycle and does Pilates.
  • She threw all of her wedding photographs out after divorcing her former husband.
  • She has a dog, a golden retriever named Simone.


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